Larry Day jumped into the world of commercial storyboard art in 1987 and has worked steadily ever since. Over the years, Day has developed a style using watercolor. A style unique to the business that accomplishes something incredible: it makes people feel. Something crucial to the success of the idea.

He has worked for numerous creatives at agencies like Leo Burnett, McGarry Bowen, We Are Unlimited, Energy BBDO, BBDO Minneapolis, FCB, VML, Y&R, Olgivy Chicago,  to name a few.

Andrew Day is a knowledgeable, collaborative, and evocative Illustrator / Art Director with over a decade of professional experience creating commercial storyboards, shooting boards, print advertising comps, animation, website design, picture books, comic art and fine art. Andrew’s visual problem solving skills serve his clients’ creative storytelling needs in a way that connects to their audiences on an emotional level.

His clients include Allstate, Coca-Cola, Samsung, McDonalds, Nintendo, Kellogg’s, Disney Parks, Oral-B, Tampax, Always, Lay’s, United Health Care, Corona, Travelocity, Marriot, Phillip Morris, Cheez-It, Raid, Gain, Special K, Exelon: ComEd, Comcast, Keebler, Dell, Western Union, Marshall’s, Marvel Comics, Lucas Arts and Scholastic Publishing . 

Andrew works with ink, watercolors, and digital tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and InDesign.